Currently Showcasing Work at Katherine Schultz Gallery, Cambridge, MA

Walking on Ice was chosen by the Cambridge Arts Association to be part of their 2015 National Prize Show.


Thank You Petra Rietz Salon Gallery

Both Pieces  'Walking on Ice' and 'Waterfall Installation' sold at the ' I Amsterdam You Berlin ' Contemporary Art Fair during Berlin Art Weekend 2015.

More editions available. Below Waterfall installed in private collectors home.

Florian Uthoff Installer and Petra Rietz Gallerist

Florian Uthoff Installer and Petra Rietz Gallerist


June 19 to July 19,  2015

Walking on Ice is showcased in the Blue Fesitval  sponsored by TUFA

BLAU in Trier , Germany

Vernissage: 19.06.2015, 19:30 Uhr
Kunstsalon: 12.07.2015, 12:00 Uhr

Ausstellungsräume: 1. und 2. OG
Ausstellungsdauer: bis 19.07.2015

Veranstalter: éditions trèves 

Soon to be released on DVD and available On Demand

Look out for my video 'At The Beach'  featured in the rave scene of the 20th Century Fox motion picture  'Unfinished Business" .


Always On Exhibit

Video Art On The Marquee at the Boston Convention Center, MA

Every Sunday Night 6:00 p.m. 'Pilgrim Pond' and 'Walking on Ice'


Coming October 2015

Madeleine's Variety TV Series and video art installation. SF,  CA USA

Halloween 2015 at Artists Television Access

yes it's a marathon. All 72 episodes!