What I am doing these days

Come Check out my video art show, Vojaĝanto, showing  in Berlin until June 17th.  Demo and info below. Music by Charlie Nieland 


Hold still in 2018

I am happy to announce that the Royal Hospital For Sick Children and Department for Clinical Neuroscience at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland are using one of my videos, Temple Rock, for their innovative program. Patients will be able to watch Temple Rock projected on the ceilings to help them worry less. Or stay still for certain procedures etc. Thank you Andreas Uthoff for matching us up. Awesome right!!! Here is the link to the video. TEMPLE ROCK

In love with these guys

Largely recorded in the Concord River Valley of New England, much of my current body of work deals with the interactions and observation of nature and self. The Transcendentalists such as Henry David Thoreau lived and formulated their ideology in this precise geographic area. I have spent years walking, observing and recording the behavior of my natural world and the interaction of humans with nature . At some times idyllic and others dystopian.  As with the Transcendentalists, I am direclty influenced by the great visionary German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt. I use video in the same way he used his scientific instruments and observations to get his ideas about nature across.  Nature, he wrote, was in mysterious communication with our ‘inner feelings’. There is a correlation between the external world and our internal moods.

Thoreau and von Humboldt.jpg


Here is my current favorite video.

This is a video art piece by the artist and her dog on the Concord River.
The Two Brothers Rocks–Dudley Road Historic District encompasses a historically significant rural area of Bedford and Billerica, Massachusetts. "Two Brothers Rocks", is used to mark a land boundary between grants given to early Massachusetts settlers John Winthrop and Thomas Dudley, and which featured as boundary markers into the 20th century. The end of colonialism eventually saw the sale of this land by native Americans to the town of Bedford. Now the US Federal Government owns the land and I reclaim it as Two Sisters Rocks.

MAd on Paddle Baord.jpg

Summertime fun from Cape Cod region of the USA. Using my GoPro and a paddle board, I create a hallucinatory journey through Pilgrim Pond.